Needs assessment
    We work with users to determine their computing-related needs, both current and future. We can provide recommendations for immediate implementation as well as long-term planning specifications.
Acquisition assistance
    We help clients locate and purchase the computer hardware and software that will meet their computing needs.
Installation and customization
    We install and customize computer hardware, software, and small networks.
    We provide training in the use of computer hardware, software, and small networks.
Reduction of computer-related risks
    We advise clients on backup procedures, security reviews, and electrical power protection. If a computer disaster does occur, we can help with recovery by restoring backed up files, rebuilding damaged systems, and identifying and removing viruses.
Custom software design and development
    We have designed and developed software projects ranging from small utility programs to assist with network printing and backup to extensive systems for patient management, follow-up, and tracking for cancer control applications.
Management of computer hardware and software
    Using a combination of the above services, we can provide ongoing management of computer resources. This allows the client to deal with other aspects of the business without having to pay attention to the details of the computer systems.

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